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How to brush your teeth

How do you brush your teeth in the right way?

Whenever you brush your teeth, you just use at least 2 minutes time. Most of the people do not even get close to brushing this long. If you want to get a better feeling of, how much time you use, you could use a stopwatch to keep track of the time. 2 minutes is often way more time than you think, when you are brushing teeth.


You should always use short, gentle strokes, and keep paying attention to the gum line. You should also focus on areas around fillings, crowns or other restoration areas on your teeth.


What toothbrush should i use?

Most of the professional dentists agree that a soft-bristled brush i the best for removing debris and plague from your teeth and gums. It is preferable to use a small-headed brush, since it can better come around in the small areas and corners in your mouth. An electrical toothbrush can for many people come in great handle. The electrical toothbrush is very good for those who has difficulty brushing their teeth them selves or generally just have problems with the manual brushing. The powered toothbrush is for many people a great choice, and can do a better job of cleaning teeth.


Then what about the toothpaste?

The toothpaste is of course also quite important, since it is helping protect and clean your teeth. You should ask your dentist or dental hygienist, which kind of toothpaste that is right for you, and which kind you should use. The toothpaste has a very good protective ability, and should not be washed away with water after the brushing of your teeth. If you absolutely wants to wash the toothpaste away, you should do it at least 2 minutes from the time you stopped brushing your teeth.



Teachers’ COP15 Front Page

Denmark hosted the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) in december 2009. In relation to this event the Danish Ministry of Education launched is the teachers’ website on climate issues. The website is part of the Ministry’s project Teaching Climate Issues 2009.


October 27th 2010 – International greening education event 2010
August 29th 2010 – Conference from the SUPPORT network
September 20th-24th 2010 – Seminar for teachers and teacher trainers in Innsbruck, Austria
7th – 8th October 2010 – School event in Stralsund, Germany
June 22nd 2010 – Education & Sustainable Life

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School cooperation

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La main à la pâte

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Projects and inspiration

Climate Change Education . Org
Nordic Climate Day
GLOBE Climate Research Campaign
Climate Teach-In Day

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Put your project or school on the …

Put your project or school on the map

Share your projects and ideas on the climate education world map.

International weblog on climate …

Weblog on climate in education

Inspiration from educators all over the world on climate in education!

ICE2009 logo

ICE2009 presentations

Watch the videos and download the presentations from sessions and masterclasses at the ICE2009 conference on climate in education.


Suggested lesson plans for teaching climate in school

Samsø – the Energy Island

Samsø’s power supply – lower secondary
Samsø’s private energy supply – lower secondary

You’re the scientist!

Measuring CO2 levels – primary
GPS positioning of data – secondary

Fueling tomorrow

Making biodiesel – vocational and chemistry for upper secondary

Computer games as a teaching resource

Article: Computer games as a teaching resource
Computer games on climate issues – for primary and secondary

Entrepreneurship in science classes

Tomorrow’s technology for today´s challenges – primary and lower secondary

Media and politics

Climate in the media – lower secondary
COP15 – The political perspective

The heat is on!

Sea level rise – lower secondary